"Hey Dr Jan! This is Will. I am happy to say that I started a new job as production supervisor with Tyson Foods and have a team of 65 employees. I'm excited about my career advancement and hope to continue to improve it. I wanted to take a minute to thank you for the help I received from you and your program. I would not have received this opportunity without the skills and information you provided me. I will keep you posted in the future as I advance my career. Thanks for everything!"~ Will BradfordNWACC Student

"...indispensable job readiness assessment and training tool for service members transitioning to civilian employment."~ BillEmployment Coordinator, VA, VR&E

"I feel like we're giving our students the best possible advantage. Thanks for a great product."~ GaryJob Coach, Ozarka College

"Our students are mostly working adults with young families and are in short-term, skills-based programs. JobLingo training hit all the critical points in a short amount of time to help them get to work."~ SusanSingle Parent Scholarhip Foundation

"Just writing to let you know my wife thanks you! She could not believe the changes in me. No really, she could not believe it was me!"~ LarryArmy Veteran, Gulf War

"This training has changed my life. I don't think anyone or anything else could have made me realize the things I needed to change. This process really made me stop and think about how others see me."~ John Senior, University of Arkansas